7 Ways to Use Floating Clouds for a Wedding

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Showcase Loving Messages

Getting married in difficult economic times could create several challenges for a happy couple. Whether faced with a national pandemic or high levels of unemployment, a wedding day should still be a very special occasion. Cloudvertise offers unique ways to use Floating Clouds for a Wedding.  Loving messages are created with the Flying Cloud Machine.  The bride and groom can have a variety of elegant quotes that hover on a breeze for up to an hour.


Guests will be impressed to see Flying Clouds that read, “I Love You,” “We Did It,” “Yes,” “Just Married,” “Always,” “Forever” or other Custom Messages.

Aerial Messages for wedding events provide a sensational way to delight everyone who attends the ceremony.  

Present Cloud-Shaped Floating Images

Romantic Images may be used to express the affection that a couple wants to share.

With the patented Flying Cloud Machine from Cloudvertise, the guests will be able to see Cloud-Shaped Hearts, Cloud-Shaped Doves, Cloud-Shaped Rings, Cloud-Shaped Flowers and more.

Our Floating Clouds are clean, crisp and extremely safe for the environment. 

Unlike a balloon launch that results in pollution and debris that harms natural waterways, Floating Clouds that soar into the sky will typically dissipate within an hour.

Make a Grand Entrance With Floating Clouds for a Wedding

Prior to the wedding ceremony, someone might shout out, the bride has arrived!

Whereas, Floating Clouds provide a unique way to introduce the bride, the groom, parents and other folks. 

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Feature a Romantic Name Launch 

When the marriage becomes official, a couple can Launch Floating Clouds to celebrate the moment. 

After the vowels, the ring and other formalities are exchanged, the newlyweds can officially Launch their name.

The guests can watch Floating Clouds that read, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith rise into the sky. 

Use Floating Clouds for the Announcements

Every wedding planner knows that it is difficult to ensure that folks who are involved in the ceremony will be on the same page.   

However, when a Floating Cloud reads “Flower Girls,” “Bride,” “Ring Bearer,” “1st Dance” or “Reception,” members of the wedding party and the guests will know what to expect.

Launch Floating Clouds to Wrap up the Evening

Friends and family may want to keep the celebration going, however, the bride and groom may want to make the great escape.

Launching Floating Clouds that read, “Thanks,” or “Cheers” offer subtle ways to exit the event. 

Mention the Honeymoon Destination via Floating Clouds

While riding off into the sunset, Floating Clouds could read, “Vegas,” “Hawaii,” “Beach” “Islands” or another destination. 

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