Creating Custom Cloud Shaped Logos for Brand Awareness

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Cloudvertise is taking the marketing world by storm via custom cloud-shaped logos for brand awareness.  Brand awareness is an ongoing marketing activity that businesses must perform to stay top-of-mind with consumers. Unique promotional methods offer exciting ways to stand out in front of the crowd.

Custom Shaped Logo Cloud Under Armor

Custom Shaped Under Armor Logo Cloud Designed By Michael Willett

About Custom Logo Clouds

Our Founder, Michael Willett was an early pioneer who helped create the technology that is used to form cloud-shaped logos.

Using a proprietary method to make floating clouds is the secret sauce behind the process which enables us to propel unique shapes into the sky.

As the foremost industry experts, we accept requests for all types of custom logo clouds.

Members of our cloud design team are available to consult with marketing managers and branding experts. We offer insightful tips toward creating custom logo clouds.

Our custom cloud designs feature unique shapes, symbols, emojis, ribbons, logos, mascots and other items.

So, whether a festival organizer wants to showcase smiling clouds or cartoon characters, our patented process delivers the sharpest imagery and design quality.

Custom Shaped Mickey Logo Clouds

Custom Shaped Mickey Logo Clouds Created By Cloudvertise Team

Marketing Advantages of Cloud-Shaped Logos

With a design that is different from everything else, a business can showcase its logo at concerts, festivals, sports events and at family-oriented activities.

Marketing challenges often involves a never-ending search for ways to connect with consumers.

Cloudvertise rises above the competition to provide unique marketing advantages for small business owners, larger corporations, local schools and for professional sports teams.

While YouTube videos, social media marketing and other types of digital marketing are helpful ways to promote a business online, entrepreneurs must also find innovative ways to reach consumers via offline methods.

Cloud-shaped logos that hover above popular outdoor activities for up to an hour are excellent for strengthening a company’s brand awareness.

Floating clouds are great for special events, making an announcement or to kickoff any type of party or a celebration.

In many forms of marketing, a successful promotion will capture the attention of nearly five percent of an audience.

Ironically, 95 percent of the intended audience will not recognize the promotion.

Custom Shaped Logo Cloud Snowflake

Custom Shaped Cloud Snowflake Designed By Michael Willett

Cloudvertise has a powerful marketing advantage, as fewer than five percent of the audience might miss seeing a high-flying corporate logo above a packed stadium.

Our marketing team travels throughout the United States to provide onsite promotional support.

Contact Cloudvertise today to inquire about exciting ways to build engagement with consumers.

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