Cloudvertise and the Vegas Golden Knights at the Stanley Cup Finals!

"Michael and his team were first class from start to finish. They were able to provide a really unique branding opportunity for the Vegas Golden Knights first Stanley Cup Final Game. Our logos were all over the iconic Vegas skyline. I would recommend Michael and his team to make a big, buzzwrothy impression"

Brian Killingsworth
Cheif Marketing Officer
Vegas Golden Knights

cloudvertise engaging fans marketing

Cloudvertise Helps With Chick-fil-a Bowl Sponsors And Fans!

"I have not seen anything new or different at a football game in quite a while. So when Atlanta Special FX brought in Cloudvertise it was great to see the fan's and player's reactions.

One of our participating teams was completing practice while we started to test the system in the Dome. Once their coach released them it was a mad dash - every player surrounded the Cloudvertise machine trying to figure out what it was and how it worked.

ESPN wanted to film it, fans asked about it, and our sponsors liked the unique form of branding.

Cloudvertise was a great addition to our events."

Cloudvertising Is One Of The Coolest Things I've Ever Seen!

"I have worked at the dome for 20 years Mike and I have seen all kinds of events.

Your cloud machine is hands down one of the most exciting effects I've witnessed here.  Myself and all the fans just stand with our jaws on the floor. Very cool.

Thanks for always sponsoring and exciting our fans."

Audience Cheering At Outdoor Concert Performance