Aerial Branding Strategy That’s Safe for the Environment

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Cloudvertise is Clean Air Marketing

Clean air initiatives are necessary to maintain a safer environment. Business owners can engage in marketing activities without leaving a carbon footprint. Cloudvertise offers eco-friendly aerial branding strategies for companies that are seeking positive exposure.



Covid Social Distancing Crowd Gazing Clouds

Marketing With Social Distancing in Mind 

As companies deal with the issues surrounding a pandemic or a natural disaster, a focus toward consumer outreach is important. Creative minds can still work indoors, when various situations prevent outdoor activities from occurring. 

Aerial branding strategies can help retain the engagement and visibility that your company has built in communities that it serves. Check out some of the ways below that you can use to stay connected with your customers.

Launch High-Flying Aerial Clouds From Your Location

During uncertain times, such as high-unemployment rates, business disruptions and unexpected economic challenges, many consumers will largely ignore promotional messages. 

After all, a huge savings on a nonessential item may not be as important when a consumer is running out of money. 

When a large percentage of consumers are spending more time at home, a business needs to use the most eye-catching ideas and strategies to attract additional sales.  

With High-Flying Aerial Clouds, consumers can view a variety of promotional images from a one-mile radius or more.

Restaurants – When searching for ways to increase orders for pick-up or for delivery, a restaurant can gain more visibility with Aerial Marketing Clouds.

For instance, a doughnut store or a franchise could launch Floating Logo Clouds and Aerial Images of hole-shaped treats above its location to immediately generate more foot traffic. 

Grocery Stores – When fewer customers are looking at a weekly grocery circular, creative marketing ideas could potentially attract more shoppers.

Aerial Logos are ideal for branding and for promotional purposes. A grocery store could also use Aerial Clouds to promote in-store sales, such as prescriptions, bakery items, flowers or wine.

Medical Facility – Overcrowded emergency rooms might prevent patients from going to the hospital for certain conditions. If you operate a physical therapy center, Aerial Marketing may be used to inform folks that your facility is open for business. 

The same is true for a dental office. Letting patients know that you are open for emergency dental services or for other procedures versus going to the hospital could point customers toward your practice.

High-Flying Aerial Images offer unique ways to increase recognition for local businesses.

Voting Center – While republicans and democrats typically give out brochures at voting centers, a variety of Aerial Images may be launched to encourage folks to vote for a certain candidate.   

Although, some polling places might be closed due to social gathering limitations, campaign managers can contact our Creative Marketing Team about launching an Aerial Marketing Strategy from a shopping center or other locations with a lot of traffic. 

Send Clients a Branded Video  

Marketers can send a promotional video to new and existing clients that showcases a company’s Logo or other images.

Reaching clients with unique and original ideas are great ways to standout from other local competitors.

For instance, from our location, our Creative Marketing Team can create a Video that features Aerial Marketing Clouds with your Company’s Logo. 

After we record, edit and finalize the Video, we will email to you. Thereafter, you can share it with your customers via email and social media.    

Staying engaged with your customers is a great way to stay connected during a temporary setback. 

Schools – Students from elementary, middle and high school grade levels, as well as college students have endured a variety of hurdles, due to social distancing via a national pandemic.

As the leading producer of Eco-Friendly Aerial Marketing Images, Cloudvertise can film Floating Clouds of a school’s name or mascot from our location.

Schools can share the Video via email, blog posts and social media networks. The Video could uplift the spirits for so many kids who are dealing with various emotions that stem from missed activities on campus and time away from their friends.

Contact Cloudvertise today to inquire about promotional opportunities that are fun and safe for the environment.


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