Innovative Marketing to Hype Your Political Fundraising Rally

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Cloudvertise Political Logos or Slogans

Engaging Rally Attendees Can Have Significant Impact on Fundraising

In todays ever changing political climate it is more important than ever to offer marketing that engages attendees.  Attendees are full of excitement and adding innovative marketing can add to the hype at a political gathering.

No matter ones beliefs or political stance, it goes without saying, high energy is related sensory stimulation.  How many times have you been to an event and there were custom shaped clouds floating all in the sky formed into logos, party symbols, corporate sponsor logos, and much more.

How Does Cloudvertising Work and How Would It Engage Fans?

cloudvertise political symbols

Crowds Become Engaged And Focused On Your Symbols

Cloudvertising utilizes lighter than air gases and an eco friendly bubble mixture to create flying bubble clouds, often called Bubloons.

These bubble balloons are completely eco friendly fill the sky at a rate of 1 per 30 seconds.  They float on the breeze for up to 30 minutes before simply vanishing in thin air.  This creates a sky full of your themed shapes and intensifies your message to gatherers.

There really is no better way to have onlookers focused on your symbol and message.



What Kind Of Shapes Can Be Cloudvertised? 

Over the last decade our cloud makers have created the opportunity for almost any logo.  We are currently working on sample clouds to represent each political party along with some affiliate groups.  Imagine attending a rally or fundraiser and your favorite party logo (Donkey or Elephant) was filling the sky or arena! Yes these can even be done in arenas and stadiums.

Can Clouds Be Colored? 

Technically yes, but we stray away from it due to staining.  Current technique for coloring clouds utilizes lighting packages as well as lasers.  Also we offer the ability to wrap our machine with themed marketing provided by the client.

What Cities Are Cloudvertise Machines Available In?

Currently we offer Cloudvertising in all 50 states, as well as Canada.  Our network of event professionals travel the globe creating these entertaining custom shaped clouds.  If you have an event, we will fill the skies for you! And we even have a touring team for the campaign trail.

How Are Events Booked? 

All you have to do is click here and provide us some basic information.  We will reach out to you immediately and start the consultation process for creating a marketing campaign that fits your mission.

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