3 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness With Floating Logo Clouds

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Branding provides an opportunity to build a company’s recognition among consumers. However, with aggressive marketing strategies being used via competing firms, unique promotional methods may be used as a counter toward attracting attention from targeted audiences. Cloudvertise offers amazing ways to increase brand awareness with Floating Logo Clouds.

Launch Floating Logo Clouds at Sports Events

Floating Logo Clouds are formed with a patented blend of helium and soap that is safe for the environment. The images will hover in the sky for a while, although, the Clouds will ultimately evaporate into the atmosphere.  When thousands of sports fans gather to watch a competitive event, marketers can use a unique way to connect with consumers.

By launching Floating Logo Clouds at a sports events, such as NHL, NASCAR, PGA, NFL, MLB, NCAA and college bowl games, a company can instantly increase its brand awareness.

Release Floating Logo Clouds at Local Festivals

Local festivals provide a great atmosphere for Floating Logo Clouds.  Whether consumers are at a neighborhood festival, a local carnival or a city fair, releasing Floating Logo Clouds can take a company’s branding to new heights.

Precious promotional moments exist at family-oriented venues, where consumers are in a mood to celebrate. It is also an ideal time to for a company to increase brand awareness.

Crowd-filled venues give marketers a chance to feature a brand in front of a lot of people.

Once released, our Floating Logo Clouds may be visible for about an hour. Essentially, our process builds engagement with consumers. Viewers can watch members of our creative marketing team who use skill and precision to create Floating Logo Clouds that are released at timely intervals.  

Releasing Floating Clouds into the air during the pregame, halftime show and throughout a sports event will boost the excitement for attendees.

Hire an Aerial Marketing Team

Custom Logo Clouds are created with our Aerial Marketing Machine. Working with the company that developed the technology for the Aerial Marketing Machine will provide outstanding shapes and images of a company’s logo.  

We manufacture the Aerial Marketing Machine within the United States. Additionally, our marketing team will set up the machine to deliver high-quality Bubloon Clouds that consumers will love watch.  

For affordable marketing strategies that build engagement at crowded venues, Cloudvertise soars above the competition. We offer nationwide marketing support for local businesses and for Fortune 500 companies.

Contact Cloudvertise today at (888) 664-0097 to about unique ways to increase brand awareness with consumers.



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