Floating Clouds Create Football Halftime Show Excitement

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Custom Clouds During Halftime Shows Engage Crowds

Halftime shows are a brilliant opportunities for Cloudvertising! 

While the players are taking a break, the fans could lose enthusiasm or become bored. However, Cloudvertise offers Floating Clouds for halftime shows to keep the fans entertained.


Why Use Floating Clouds During Halftime Performances?

Floating Clouds provide a significant “wow” factor, as fans from any seats in the stadium or arena can view the launch path that usually begins from the center of the playing surface.

Fans will typically smile, laugh and point toward various Cloud-Shaped Images or Cloud-Shaped Team Mascots that soar into the air. It is the ultimate way to build engagement with any audience.

Shown below are some other reasons to Launch Floating Clouds during halftime shows.

  • Quick setup process
  • Requires a minimal amount of space
  • Aerial Cloud Machine may be removed in less than one minute
  • No mess to clean up
  • Foam-Shaped Clouds are produced with eco-friendly products
  • Floating Team Logos are available via our design consultants
  • Floating Cloud Mascots are also available
  • Brand-building features that strengthen engagement
  • Affordable stadium entertainment for halftime
  • Fans absolutely Floating Logo Clouds


Cloudvertise Floating Cloud

Mississippi State Logo Cloudvertise at Outback Bowl

Floating Clouds are Popular During Halftime Events at Football Games

When asked about the best sports for Floating Clouds, we inform marketers and athletic directors that a lot of requests are for football championships and for basketball games. 

Fans have shown a tremendous amount of appreciation for Floating Logo Clouds during college football bowl games, such as the Chick-fil-A Bowl and the Outback Bowl.

Cloudvertise has also provided Floating Clouds for basketball halftime shows. Duke University hired us for a halftime performance that engaged the fans with the Duke Blue Devil.

Although, football games and basketball games are popular for Floating Clouds, we have provided Helium-Filled Clouds for NHL, NASCAR and NHRA events.


Crowds Cant’ Stop Looking and Pointing At Clouds

Build Excitement and Brand Awareness With Custom Logo Clouds

Floating Clouds have enhanced the excitement for sporting events, festivals and stage productions.

However, our Custom Logo Clouds have been used to promote some of the most iconic brands in the world, such as Mercedes Benz, Chick-Fil-A, Jack Daniels Whiskey and Jeep.

Custom Logo Clouds are ideal for professional sports teams, college teams, bowl games and for championships events.

Athletic directors can order Floating Logo Clouds to promote a team, a school or a special event.

Additionally, clever marketing professionals may be interested in promoting a brand toward consumers who attend popular sporting events.

Contact Cloudvertise to inquire about adding Floating Clouds to a halftime show that fans will enjoy.



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