Floating Clouds Builds Brand Awareness and Engagement With Consumers at Major Events

By November 26, 2018 No Comments

Brand awareness is a powerful marketing concept that often costs a fortune to maintain. However, major sports teams, casinos and Fortune 500 companies are gaining more recognition with floating clouds. As a less expensive marketing solution, Cloudvertise generates a massive amount of eye-raising attention.

Cloudvertise Will Engage Consumers and Create Brand Awareness

The creative team from Cloudvertise was recently tasked with promoting brand awareness near the MGM Grand Casino and for a history-making NHL expansion team, the Las Vegas Golden Knights. In front of Hakkasan, floating clouds were created in the shape of the helmet for the Las Vegas Knights. During a final playoff game, floating clouds displaying “MGM” also flew high above T-Mobile Arena to attract more traffic to the game and to the casino.

Aerial Marketing for Casinos

Casinos have an inviting appeal that naturally attracts vacationers who are perusing the sidewalk to venture beyond their revolving doors. Whether the allure is to view a highly acclaimed live show, a major sporting event or to place a wager on just about anything, thousands of visitors are looking for adventures in Sin City. Interestingly, the challenge for marketing managers is to standout from nearby casinos that are also competing to increase the foot traffic for their venue.

Cloudvertise aerial marketing for casinos provides a fun and an affordable way to generate more traffic for any venue or event. Soap and helium are used to form a floating cloud that displays a company’s name, logo, message or an announcement.

Beyond flashing lights, music and attractive dancers, casino marketing managers can differentiate their business with Cloudvertising.

Floating clouds may be used to display dollar signs, coins, tokens, chips, cartoon characters or a casino’s name, such as MGM or NY-NY.

While so many casinos are using spot lights, sky dancers, marquees and billboards to attract more attention, Cloudvertising is quickly becoming known as the marketing solution that delivers a phenomenal return on investment.


Consumers who hardly notice a variety of marketing gimmicks will not be able to ignore floating clouds that display a concise image or a powerful marketing message. Cloudvertising is ideal for use in NHL, NLF, NCAA, NASCAR, casinos, theaters, concerts and corporate events.

When compared to other forms of attention-getting promotions, aerial advertising is an economical way to attract more consumers to any type of venue.

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