Bubloon Floating Clouds Benefit Marketing Versus Mylar Balloons

By November 26, 2018 No Comments

High-flying promotions provide unique ways to gain attention at crowd-filled events. Whether used to increase brand awareness for a Fortune 500 company or to enhance non-profit initiatives, aerial messages are capable of obtaining respectful levels of visibility. Cloudvertise offers unmatched marketing expertise with Bubloon Floating Clouds.

About Floating Clouds

Marketing directors at large companies and at charitable organizations may continuously brainstorm to find a hook that draws instant attention at an upcoming venue. However, offering free t-shirts, keychains or bumper stickers is an antiquated method for building a lasting connection with consumers. The engagement with floating bubloon clouds is evident when consumers begin to smile and to point toward aerial images.

Created with helium and soap via the Floating Cloud Machine, Bubloon Clouds are exciting to watch. Formation occurs every 30 seconds and floating clouds can hover on a breeze for up to an hour.

Floating clouds are ideal for outdoor promotions and for indoor facilities with ceilings that are at least 80 feet high.

Advantages of Bubloon Clouds Versus Mylar Balloons

Unlike mylar balloons, floating clouds are safe for the environment. Mylar balloons are often used at sporting events, corporate functions and at grand opening ceremonies. When mylar balloons burst, a less than perfect cleanup effort will contribute to growing levels of land pollution. At some events, mylar balloons may end up in the ocean or within local streams.

Bubloon Floating Clouds are perfect for organizations that are focused on responsible marketing activities. Generally, a floating cloud will simply evaporate in the air without leaving any harmful residue or environmental concerns.

Additionally, mylar balloons are expensive versus the costs for aerial clouds.

Who Should Use Floating Clouds for High-Impact Marketing

Any business or organization that desires brand recognition for a logo, a mascot, a symbol, a character or a trademark can benefit from affordable aerial promotions. Floating clouds can provide high-impact marketing for the following types of businesses:

• Tradeshows – Bubloon Floating Clouds can help exhibitors stand out from other competitors at an event.

• Non-Profits – Floating clouds may be formed to display a ribbon that helps promote breast cancer awareness for Susan G. Komen or to resemble the logo for the American Red Cross.

• Sports – Fans who attend NCAA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR and other competitive events can view foam-shaped mascots, a team’s logo and other images.