Aerial Marketing Ideas for Fundraising Campaigns

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Floating logo clouds

Crowd looking and pointing at aerial floating logo clouds

Getting the word out about a great cause takes a lot of time and energy. Interestingly, many people are willing to donate money to a variety of organizations. Cloudvertise is the latest phenomenon that integrates Aerial Marketing ideas for fundraising campaigns and for corporate promotions.

Announcing a Fundraising Campaign

When the mission is to obtain donations for a worthy cause, it is imperative to spread the message to as many people as possible. Aerial Marketing provides a great opportunity to announce a fundraising campaign.

Using a variety of images, logos and messages, a non-profit or a for-profit organization can generate a ton of visibility with an Aerial Marketing campaign.

Get Noticed With Floating Marketing Clouds

Organizing a fundraising event typically takes a lot of time, planning and dedicated participants. Quite often, volunteers are stationed at busy department stores or at popular roadway intersections to collect donations for a variety of charities.

Our Floating Marketing Clouds are used to generate attention from folks who are as far as a mile away. When branded Floating Logos are swirling into the air, a crowd usually forms to find out what the excitement is about.

While watching our Floating Clouds travel from the ground toward the sky, viewers generally point and cheer for us to launch additional Images, Logos and Aerial Messages.

Again, getting noticed by potential donors is a major fundraising challenge.

Launching an Environmentally-Friendly Fundraising Campaign

Eco-friendly Floating Clouds are ideal for organizations who support environmental protection. Some marketers might not realize the hazards of certain promotional campaigns. Launching Aerial Clouds with products that consist of helium and soap are responsible ways to create a high-impact fundraising campaign.

Raising Money and Increasing Brand Awareness

Asking for donations toward a worthy cause takes more energy than most people realize. However, raising money for a charity might be a lot easier with a theme-based event.

We have helped increased brand awareness for charitable organizations, such as the Red Cross and for Susan G. Komen.

Using Cloud-Shaped images, such as Crosses and Floating Breast Cancer Ribbons, we have helped charitable organizations raise money at sporting events, festivals and corporate functions. Check out our video playlist on Youtube – Click Here

Cloudvertise is a trusted Aerial Marketing firm that uses eye-catching images to generate a buzz for various schools, businesses and organizations.

Get in touch with a member of our creative team at (888) 664-0097 to inquire about Aerial Marketing ideas for local or national fundraising campaigns.

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