Aerial Marketing Ideas for College Football Bowls

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Cloudvertise helps schools and business owners engage with fans via Aerial Marketing ideas for college football bowl games.  College bowl games provide a ton of excitement for football fans. Some of the most dedicated patrons will make arrangements for travel and accommodations several months in advance to secure a seat on game day.

Floating Logo Clouds

North Carolina and Georgia Floating Logo Clouds

About College Football Bowls

College football bowl games are represented by top-rated divisional and national schools. Fans and alumni members will show up at bowl games to cheer for their favorite team.  Whether a game is for a traditional matchup or to determine which conference will seal a victory, college football bowl games provide incredible opportunities to build engagement with fans.

Floating Cloud Mascots

Eco-friendly soap and helium-based clouds may be created onsite to travel skyward from any area of the field. The patented Aerial Marketing Machine can produce Floating Cloud Mascots that will be visible to fans for up to an hour from the time of launch. 

Floating Cloud Mascots are great to use during the pre-game festivities, the halftime show or while the game is being played. Additional excitement can motivate fans to return to future college bowl games. According to the NCAA, attendance totals for college football games averaged 40,108 patrons for the 2018 season, which broke a seven-year pace of declining attendance totals. For the past few years, we have provided Floating Cloud Mascots for the Outback Bowl and for the Chick-fil-A Bowl, as well as for many championship football games across the nation.

Increasing Brand Awareness With Floating Logo Clouds

Captivating a consumer’s full attention is priceless for nationally-recognized corporations and for local business owners. While the achievement is easier said than done, our Floating Logo Clouds offer enormous opportunities for marketers to gain instant visibility from thousands of raving fans who routinely attend college football bowl games.  Working with our creative marketing team is a great way to form a strategy for increasing brand awareness. In most cases, our Floating Logo Clouds will be seen by more than 40,000 bowl game attendees and from viewers who watching televised broadcasts from home.

Hire Aerial Marketing Team for Floating Cloud Promotions

Athletic directors and team managers who are seeking additional ways to enhance the excitement level for fans at college football bowl games can hire an experienced team.  So, whether an attendee’s team is winning or losing, we provide unique Aerial Marketing ideas for college football bowl games that are designed to keep fans entertained.  

Contact Cloudvertise to speak with our creative team about promotions that fans will notice.  

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