Aerial Marketing for Sports

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cloudvertise bubble machines engage fans

Cloudvertise Engages Fans For Sports Marketing

Increase Brand Awareness With Aerial Marketing Clouds

Sports marketing provides an opportunity to connect with millions of consumers. However, traditional marketing methods that fans largely ignore may fail to attract the attention that advertisers desire. Cloudvertise offers eye-catching Aerial Marketing Services for sports events that fans enjoy viewing.


Brand awareness is important for companies that offer products and services to consumers. While advertisers are trying to reinvent the wheel with a variety of basic promotions, Cloudvertise has developed a unique method to take sports marketing to a higher level.

Using eco-friendly Aerial Marketing Clouds to showcase a company’s messages via Floating Logos or Floating Cloud Images, we help businesses obtain recognition that soars above the competition.

Our patented Aerial Marketing Machine can create Branded Cloud Designs with helium and soap products that safely dissipate into the air, without harming the environment.

Marketing strategies that feature 3D Aerial Clouds for thousands of sports fans to see for nearly an hour per image provides the ultimate opportunity to build brand recognition with consumers.

Aerial Marketing for College Sports

Advertisers can incorporate unique promotions to connect with sports fans. 

With football and basketball having the highest amount of attendees among college sports, marketing professionals can wisely use this information to create winning promotions.

During the regular season, championship events and competitive bowl games, an advertiser can obtain a superior return on investment with Aerial Marketing for college sporting events.

Members of our Creative Marketing Team use a consultative approach to help sports directors develop successful campaigns. 

Whether the goal is to build brand awareness or to attract more local sales, we offer creative solutions for Aerial Sports Marketing with Floating Clouds that will attract attention at basketball games and at football games, too.     

Aerial Marketing for Professional Sports

Prior to watching a professional sporting event, such as NBA basketball, NFL football, NHL hockey, NASCAR auto racing or MLB baseball, fans who arrive early can view a variety of pregame festivities.

Floating Mascots and Aerial Logo Clouds may be launched before the fans are focused on a competitive event. Marketers can maximize the opportunity to engage with fans via Branded Aerial Images.

As the leading Aerial Marketing firm for Floating Clouds, Cloudvertise employees Creative Marketing Specialists who design Custom Logo Clouds and Unique Images that fans will notice from all areas of the field.

Contact Cloudvertise today to inquire about Aerial Marketing Services for professional sporting events.

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