About Cloudvertise Man Made Logo Clouds

Cloudvertise man made flying foam logo clouds utilize an eco-friendly soap and helium method to create aerial messages and images. The product offers a dynamic way to market and brand a company’s name, logo, slogans and an assortment of branded shapes. Promotional messages and graphics from the Flying Foam machine are produced in 30 second intervals.

As an unmatched technological innovation, Cloudvertise floating logo clouds generate a theatrical experience in the sky. Unlike banner ads or signage that uses a ton of paper, ink, wood and metal components, marketers can gain instant attention with a product that is safe for the environment.


The eco friendly foam-based images will float for miles and hover in the sky for up to an hour. Generally, this time frame offers an essential amount of time to display advertisements and logos for the ultimate engagement with viewers at venues such as:

  • Sports arenas
  • Corporation functions
  • Restaurants
  • Charitable events
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Schools
  • Community-based activities

Growing in popularity, Cloudvertise have been used by the NFL, NCAA, NHL, NHRA, NASCAR, Turner Broadcasting, Chick-fil-A and the Outback Bowl.


The custom cloud making machine is fairly easy to set up and requires minimal space to operate.

Whereas, an aerial blimp is very expensive, and in most applications, it maintains a fixed position. Floating messages provide eye-catching moments that are priceless when combined with creative marketing strategies.

Aerial marketing enables consumers to view customized shapes, words and images within a fun atmosphere. Many forms of advertising dollars are wasted in a manner that screams for viewer attention, while foam-based types of marketing collateral are nearly impossible to miss.

In many professional sports, marketers will display advertisements on fences, walls, race cars and branded apparel -- via top-level athletes to increase their brand awareness and visibility. These are costly methods, where advertisers often hope to capture around a two percent connectivity rate with consumers.

Attendees who are seated at the Super Bowl cannot miss the halftime show. However, for a fraction of the costs, sports teams and corporations can take the center stage with the Cloudvertise Floating Foam concept.

This genius of skyvertising is that it empowers marketers to retain the attention of thousands of patrons for up to an hour. Few marketing vehicles are able to deliver the return on investment that the Flying Foam machine generates.


Made with green technology, the helium-based product and the images are formed with foam that naturally dissipates into the air. This promotes an environmentally-responsible marketing initiative.

The possibilities for on-site advertising messages with the Foam Machine are endless. While many national brands are enjoying the benefits of Cloudvertising, local firms can generate a lot of buzz with a unique promotional method.

Viral marketing concepts that integrate corporate logos, cartoon images, slogans, trademarks and other branded items are impactful toward enhancing a company’s identity. In exchange for promotions that are highly visible to consumers, small, medium and large enterprises can obtain affordable advertising that also entertains the audience.

For more information about aerial advertising with the Flying Foam machine, marketers are encouraged to request a consultation with a Cloudvertise specialist.

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