Floating Logo Clouds

The New Way to Expose Your Business to the Masses!

Captivating Eco-Friendly Cloudvertising!

The HOTTEST NEW TREND in Viral Advertising!

Growing in popularity, Cloudvertise has been used by the NFL, NCAA, NHL, NHRA, NASCAR, Turner Broadcasting, Chick-fil-A and the Outback Bowl.


  • Fresh, exciting new mass advertising medium
  • Awesome aerial exposure for your business
  • Attention grabbing floating ads
  • 3D clouds in the shape of your company logo

  • Clouds are helium gas filled foam clouds
  • 3D Cloud Logos made in the shape of your company logo
  • Clouds float in the sky for up to five miles
  • Man made and eco friendly
Mass Marketing

  • Works for both indoor and outdoor events
  • Perfect for football games, concerts, festivals, fairs, beach events, grand openings, conventions, etc!
  • Floating Billboards that attract attention

See Cloudvertising in Action!

Your Company Becomes the Center of Attention.
Watch the video below!

Eco Friendly Soap Bubble Clouds For Marketing

Marketing with No Carbon Footprint!

Cloudvertising can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it leaves no carbon footprint. It is a totally safe alternative to sky advertising using airplanes and inflatables, and the only impression Cloudvertising leaves behind is in the minds of your target audience.

Get more effective advertising results and know you are also doing your part to reduce emissions.

Eco-friendly Marketing

Cloudvertise® offers an affordable, eco friendly alternative for aerial entertainment and advertising. This atmospheric special effect produces man made clouds that can be custom shaped to your logo or theme, and they leave behind no negative impact on the environment.

They will remember your brand when they see it as a cool and exciting cloud.

Bubloon Eco Friendly Mylar Balloon Release Alternative

Environmentally Friendly
Viral Advertising

Cloudvertise Flying Foam Clouds For Mercedes Benz Stadium Chick Fil A

If you are looking for a new way to advertise, take a look at Cloudvertise®

The hottest marketing tool of the decade. Entertaining, attention grabbing floating clouds that engage your market by putting their eyes on your logo. 


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